The Closing Ceremony had nothing to envy the Opening, except for the announcement that Nelson's Dockyard had been included, that very day -Sunday, July 17th-, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. "A World Heritage Site is a place (such as a building, city, complex, desert, forest, island, lake, monument, or mountain) that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as being of special cultural or physical significance." (Wikipedia) The Dockyard had been in the tentative list for a year but the work towards this achievement had commenced more than two decades ago. All the country celebrated the news and the ceremony was no exception. So proud we are about Nelson's Dockyard and so grateful to the people that made this dream become true.

After the usual speeches of local authorities and organisers, it was the time for the winners to come on stage and for the audience to applaud them. AFter that, the party began: a group of dancers entertained sailors, parents, coaches and visitors alike till well past 9:pm. UNFORGETABLE, as the whole championship!!

Trophies were awarded as follows:

Team Racing North American Championship

» 1st place - Team USA 1

Stephan Baker, Mateo Farina, Vanessa Lahrkamps, Michaella O'Brien, Colleen O'Brien

» 2nd place - Team USA 2

Michael Burns, Javier Garcon, Adam Larson, Enzo Menditto, Joey Meagher

» 3rd place - Team Mexico

Alex Torres Rinaldelli, Renee Galicia Martínez, Karla Martínez Oviedo, Triana Cornejo González, María José Porter Mollo

Nations Cup

» 1st place - Team Chile

Sebastián Fuenzalida, Benjamín Fuenzalida, José Cardemil, Santiago Lorca, Andrés Tessada

» 2nd place - Team Australia

Michael Compton, Jonas Barrett, James Bougher, Fletcher Walters

» 3rd place - Team Peru

Stefano Viale, Cristobal Yzaga, Mateo Parodi, María Gracia Vegas, Piero Castañeda

Special trophies

» Best Antiguan sailor

River Andrews

» Youngest sailor

Mateo Cortés Suárez (MEX)

» First five girls

» 1st - Mia Nicolosi (ISV)

» 2nd - Vanessa Lahrkamps (USA)

» 3rd - Michaella O'Brien (USA)

» 4th - Amparo Stupenengo Pefaur (ARG)

» 5th - Bella Casaretto (USA)

First 15 overall

» 1st - Hernán Umpierre (URU)

» 2nd - Stephan Baker (USA)

» 3rd - Benjamín Fuenzalida (CHI)

» 4th - Mia Nicolosi (ISV)

» 5th - Javier Garcon (USA)

» 6th - Stefano Viale (PER)

» 7th - Enzo Menditto (USA)

» 8th - Vanessa Lahrkamps (USA)

» 9th - Michaella O'Brien (USA)

» 10th - Lucas Urmenyi (BRA)

» 11th - Rayne Duff (IVB)

» 12th - Santiago Palkin (ARG)

» 13th - Amparo Stupenengo P. (ARG)

» 14th - Bela Cassaretto (USA)

» 15th - Jake Mayol (USA)

Permanent trophies

» To the first North American

Stephan Baker

» To the first Overall

Hernán Umpierre

» To the first North American Girl

Mia Nicolosi

Photos © Matías Capizzano: http://www.capizzano.com/optinam-2016/

Event contact email address: amneris.calle@gmail.com, opticlass@yachtclub.ag


The SEABOARD MARINE Optimist North American Championship 2016 is organised by the Antigua Yacht Club under the authority of the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA). The venue is Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbour and it takes place from July 10th to July 18th. Entries are still open and it is expected to have +160 participants from more than 15 countries. Already entered: Argentina, Antigua, Brazil, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Peru, USA, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Mexico.

For a programme, click here.


Other Sponsors: Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort, The Catamaran Hotel, National Parks Antigua, Oasis, Pinehill, Antigua Pro Racing, Club Sushi, Brydens and Yao.



The organisers of the Optimist North American Championship 2016 together with the Antigua Yacht Club wish to thank the following for their support, donations and contributions without which these championships would not be happening.