The wind was not as strong as always on the last day of races, but this didn't seem to be any hindrance for Hernán Umpierre, at least not in the first race, in which he crossed the line in first position. On the second race thought, the stable equilibrium seemed to be unsettled a little, as he finished in 5th position, while Stephan scored a bullet. Results showed yet a gap of 6 points between the two and in the last race Hernán made sure the gap was not breached by finishing in third position, two places behind Stephan.

Meanwhile Mia had a fifth in the first race of the day, which still left her with a possibility to reach the top, but the second race saw her way behind in the fleet, crossing the line in 42nd position. A 22nd in the last race dropped her to 4th overall and allowed Bejamin Fuenzalida to climb one position, even after a UFD in the second race.

Congratulations to the four of them for their eagerness and skillful sailing. You made the finals really thrilling to follow up.

Apart from giving the best sailors the chance to meet all together in one race, which means they are able to attack and react to their contenders' movements, the final series fleet allocation gives sailors in silver and bronze fleets the opportunity to sail among competitors with similar sailing skills and knowledge. This way sailors that are always behind in the general fleet can now experience what winning a race looks like and can learn the tactics to be ahead of the fleet. Congratulations to the winners in Silver (blue) and Bronze (red) fleets too!!

A summary of the trophies and medals awarded in the prize giving will be posted shortly.

Click on the links below to view the final results.

RESULTS: http://www.optinam2016.org/Docs/NAM2016day4v5.htm

Photos © Matías Capizzano: http://www.capizzano.com/optinam-2016/

Event contact email address: amneris.calle@gmail.com, opticlass@yachtclub.ag


The SEABOARD MARINE Optimist North American Championship 2016 is organised by the Antigua Yacht Club under the authority of the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA). The venue is Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbour and it takes place from July 10th to July 18th. Entries are still open and it is expected to have +160 participants from more than 15 countries. Already entered: Argentina, Antigua, Brazil, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Peru, USA, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Mexico.

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Other Sponsors: Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort, The Catamaran Hotel, National Parks Antigua, Oasis, Pinehill, Antigua Pro Racing, Club Sushi, Brydens and Yao.



The organisers of the Optimist North American Championship 2016 together with the Antigua Yacht Club wish to thank the following for their support, donations and contributions without which these championships would not be happening.